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Fitness became a regular part of my lifestyle at a very young age. I was diagnosed with Fibromaylgia at twelve years old, so I figured out early that I needed to take care of my body so that I could feel good without medication. Diet and exercise became a part of my daily life and also developed into a passion. When most teenagers were out partying, I was reading about or participating in the latest health and fitness craze.

I started training seriously at 18 with my first personal trainer. I also have an artificial leg, so I hired a trainer just to ensure I was performing the exercises properly. I have had a few personal trainers over the years, but none have been as passionate as Angela.

I started training with Angela in March of 2012 and have never looked back. I look forward to our workouts and how she so gently “pushes” me past what I ever thought possible.

Her planning is right up my “teacher” alley with her monthly workout plans. I have it taped her calendar onto the inside of my cupboard. I can check off my workouts as I go!

She has continued to fuel my passion for fitness and health and has reignited my love of working out with her functional workouts that she changes every time we meet.

Angela is a rarity. I just feel so blessed to have even met her, not only as my trainer, but as a person and friend. She is one of the most kind-hearted and positive people I have ever met. Her smile and excitement are contagious and I just am so thankful that I pulled a rib and contacted her for some help. I figured I would workout with her for a few months and then I’d be fine again. It’s been over a year of training with her and I hope she’s not going anywhere!  

I can’t wait to start prepping for my August wedding with her. I know she will kick my butt so that I will look my best on my special day.

Thank you Angela, words cannot express my gratitude for what you do for me everyday. You truly are an inspiration.


Angela is truly an excellent trainer. The results we have achieved to date through Acacia Fitness are largely due to the perfect combination of diverse training methods, individualized exercise/nutrition programs & challenging yet achievable goal setting.  We have never felt stronger or healthier.  Angela's positivity and professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to her work and ultimately her clients, provided us with the perfect scenario for success.  Thanks to Angela and all her coaching and motivation, we have set foundations for our new healthier lifestyle!

Jonas & Ivana, Edmonton

Angela is a highly energetic, extremely motivated personal trainer. She is always in a good mood and very excited to teach you what she knows – which is a considerable amount. Her love of building a healthy body and challenging yourself, setting lofty goals and reaching them are all so infectious you can’t help but be convinced that her odd desire to spend every waking hour in a sweat is a natural state.

I trained with Angela at a time when I had very little motivation to make a serious change in my life. Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious; I quickly stopped finding excuses to avoid the gym and started finding ways to get there more often. The more I see results, the more I am driven to push myself. I can hear Angela’s voice in my head telling me to do “Just three more!” when I can’t even think of finishing what I am in the middle of. The pay off has been a strong body and a healthy mind. I continue to notice changes that amaze me, and it is all because of Angela’s focus and determination to help me achieve my very best; which is much more than I ever believed was possible.

I highly recommend Angela for anyone who has decided to make a change and is ready to see results.
Jodi, Edmonton

I have been working with Angela now for about six weeks and I am happy to report I am well on my way to reaching my fitness and weight loss goals. I have lost 6 pounds and gained some muscle, core strength, balance and endurance.

At our first meeting Angela interviewed me to determine what my strengths and weaknesses were and what I wished to achieve. Base on that interview, she created a program for me that has gotten me the results I wanted quickly.

I would be happy to recommend Acacia Fitness to anyone who is looking to get positive results in their life through fitness and healthy weight loss.

Update: Since I wrote my first testimonial I have continued to workout and improved my eating habits based on Angela's programs and recommendations. I have now lost a total of 17 pounds and I am more fit and muscular. This will work for you, just keep going!

GG, Edmonton

My training experience with Angela has been extremely exceptional and one that I recommend to everyone! Even strangers ? After my first workout I was up and out of bed with more energy. The first workout was so invigorating and exciting and I knew that I was doing something great for myself. My mind had already begun to shift in a positive direction in regards to my well being.

After the 4th workout my husband noticed my energy levels and we were able to do outdoor activities together for a much longer period than we were able to do before. He became very grateful for my sessions with Angela – it now wasn’t just me that it was impacting.

After the 7th workout I really began to feel my muscles again and the isolation of the different muscles at work. I felt strong and able and confident. Angela is truly passionate about her training and you can see it in everything she does.

About half way through my 3 month workout program I was as flexible as I was about a decade ago. I felt young and energetic. Angela is smiling throughout and so encouraging. She is thrilled to hear about how your life is improving due to the physical training. She is genuine, happy, energetic, encouraging, supportive, and absolutely wonderful to be with.

Needless to say after the 3 month workout program, I could not quit. It is simply too important for one's health and the impact it has on their life, not only for themselves but also for their loved ones around them. I now see spending money on training sessions with Angela is just as important as buying groceries.
DV, Sherwood Park