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Personalized Step Wise Nutrition Coaching Program

Nutrition Coaching has been described by Acacia Clients as “Personal Training for Nutrition”.


Over the years I found that the conventional “meal plan” for our clients was not very successful in the long term. My clients were compliant for a few weeks, even months eating the food that was printed on the plan for them, but eventually clients would start to deviate from the plan for several legitimate reasons. Boredom with the options provided, confusion with what to eat at family functions, on vacation or at restaurants since the “exact” meal plan item was not on the menu, or the temptation to try something new because they did not understand why they were eating the way the plan was laid out for them.

In an effort to educate and inspire my clients to take ownership of their healthy eating, I created the Nutrition Coaching Program. I wanted my clients to truly have not only an understanding, but also an appreciation for what actually goes into living a healthy lifestyle. I wanted my clients to learn about themselves and their eating habits. By breaking the process down into smaller incremental changes clients are able to strip away the excuses and see what barriers and also what successes they encounter along the way.

What does the Nutrition Coaching Program Involve?

  1. A weekly phone call or Skype call
    1. In every call you will be provided with ONE new nutrition strategy to implement into your daily routine. The strategy is a small addition or change to what you are currently doing, and something that you can easily keep track of.
    2. In every call we will discuss why you are implementing this strategy so you begin to understand how nutrition works, what impact certain foods have on your health, fitness, and energy levels.
    3. In every call we will discuss ideas on how to incorporate these new strategies into your life. Together, we come up with solutions to make the small changes successful week after week.
    4. In every call you have the opportunity to ask any questions you like about nutrition/health/fitness. We are here to help you and provide you with as much information as we can!
  2. Each week the strategies are layered upon each other…and each week you are held accountable to keep track of the strategies you are following through with each day. Initially it will be one strategy, then two, then three, etc. until you are meeting each of the strategies regularly (80% of the time) on a consistent basis.
  3. The average time it takes a client to make significant change is 3 months in duration (average 30 lbs. lost). For more weight loss it takes on average 6 months (50 lbs.). Clients are empowered to continue the process as they are taught one step at a time what nutrition strategies work, and why they are important to continue to incorporate into their lives going forward.

Acacia Fitness is all about health and wellbeing. Our focus in on sustainability, not a quick fix. Our clients at the end of the program feel a real sense of pride…. not simply because of the weight loss, but because they were involved in the process along the way. They understand what to do and feel confident that they can go into any situation and know what to eat. In fact, many of our clients have actually educated some of their family members after completing the program. There is nothing more gratifying that being able to pay it forward.

“When you commit to a program and are involved in the solution making for yourself along the way, you feel a sense of pride at the end more so that if someone just told you what to do. I get it now; I know what to eat, when to eat it, how much I need to eat, and why I am eating it. I also know that I do not have to be perfect to see results. I used to beat myself up if I slipped up on my old meal plan. Now, I know that I can move forward and not sabotage my entire week because I was not perfect. I feel like I got my life back and I feel like I am in control of myself, thanks to Acacia Fitness, and thanks to myself too!”

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