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Holiday Eating Tips

holiday buffet

This time of year can be challenging to eat healthy at every opportunity. There are always an abundance of temptations around the office, or often in the workplace lunch room or even your home. Not to mention, the parties, the late nights, and the lack of time to fit in meal planning and regular exercise. These are some reasons why the average Canadian adds about five to eight pounds on their frame during this time of year.

So what can you do to balance out your healthy lifestyle and the indulgences of the holiday season?


Here are our top ten tips (in no particular order):

  1. Eat a healthy meal before you go to a cocktail party (you are less likely to overeat on high fat snacks if you have something in your stomach before you go)
  2. For every glass of wine or alcohol, drink at least 1 glass of water (the water will not only keep you hydrated, but will also fill you up so that you do not drink as much) And please drink responsibly…no drinking and driving!
  3. If you are attending a holiday dinner fill half your plate with veggies or salad, then one quarter with protein, leave the rest for carbohydrates. This will provide you with a balance meal.
  4. When picking snacks at a cocktail party try to pick high protein snacks or go for the veggie platter!
  5. If you have the option, it is best to pick up a napkin or small plate and fill it will all the snacks you would like to eat at the party…this way you know how much you are eating. By grazing you are likely to eat more.
  6. Try not to sit or stand directly by the food at a party. You will no doubt eat more.
  7. If you have the opportunity, go for a walk after a holiday meal. This will help in digestion and make you feel less lethargic.
  8. Wait about 20 minutes after dinner before you indulge in dessert. You will be surprised by how full you feel after this time has passed. You may eat less dessert in this case.
  9. When at a party try to hold a glass of water or cup of tea or coffee in your hand at all times. When your hands are occupied you will be less likely to lean over a grab another treat when you are not even hungry.
  10. .Enjoy the holidays. Make reasonable choices when you can, but do not deprive yourself either. You do not have to eat every single cookie or chocolate that presents itself, but you can certainly have one or two when you are out at an event. Just keep yourself in check… ask yourself “do I really want to eat this or am I just putting it in my mouth because it is there?” Indulge in the things you really love, or the things that you can not get all year round.


Have a wonderful holiday season!

If you have any questions about this topic or any other healthy weight loss related topic, please do not hesitate to call Acacia Fitness. We are here to help!