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The Benefits of Working Out at Home

  1. Time Savings: instead of driving or walking to and from the gym you could have already finished your workout.
  2. Increased Compliance: fewer excuses can be rationalized because the gym is right there! You can’t use the weather, the roads, the time, the parking, or the over population of the gym as an excuse (to list a few).
  3. working out at home
  4. Fun: at home you can listen to the music you want and watch whatever you choose on the television
  5. Private: at home you never have to worry about someone waiting for you to finish with a piece of equipment, and you can challenge yourself in ways you may not be likely to do if you were in public (for fear of looking silly, etc)
  6. Effective: I am not saying that working out at the gym is not effective, I am just saying that you can have just as an effective workout at home with little to no equipment…you really do not need all those fancy machines to get the weight loss results you want.
  7. Inexpensive: no membership fees, less fuel to drive to the gym, no parking fees, often less money is spent on workout gear
  8. Unlimited Hours of Operation: your home gym is open any time you like!
  9. No Dress Code: you can wear whatever you want and not have to worry about what other people think.