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Client Profiles

clientsI felt intimidated going to my gym because I did not know what I was doing. I felt like people were looking at me wondering…Why is she here?
Lisa, 55, Edmonton

My schedule is all over the place. I work shift work and my hours change constantly. Having the flexibility to change my workout times from day to day and week to week has helped me stick with a program for the first time.
Jerry, 44, Edmonton

I have two kids under the age of three. Getting to the gym has not been my first priority. It is also a big production to get the kids ready, take them to the daycare, get my workout in, then go back to the daycare and go home. It is so easy to just have Angela come to my house for an hour to fit my workout in. We have even incorporated the kids into my workout; it has been a lot of fun for all of us.
Kelly, 29, Sherwood Park

I work from home so it is great to take a one hour break, workout with a trainer, and then get back at it. I used to go the gym but by the time I got there, changed, worked out, and came home it was nearly two and a half hours out of my day. Eventually it became easier for me to simply not go at all.
Harold, 49, Edmonton

I always knew that working out was important but it was always boring for me. I like the convenience of having someone visit me at my office, but I really like the variety – it has been nearly one year and I am still challenged – never bored. I think I’m working too hard to be bored!
Julie, 34, Edmonton

I have a small condo and did not want to buy any equipment. Having a trainer come to my home with everything that I need to workout with has been really convenient and helpful. And for times when I want to workout on my own, my trainer Angela designed a program that utilizes my body weight for strength training and for raising my heart rate.
Garry, 44, Edmonton